• About Anna


In 1987 my husband became involved in a serious car crash and in 1989 my oldest daughter died. What followed was a time of despair, and deep sorrow. I got further away from myself and fell into a crisis.

After a while I began to heal myself by training, therapies and a lot of inquiries. I started working in healthcare with very sick and vulnerable people and  there I experienced  the tremendous power of compassion.

Then my last daughter got killed in an accident.

By the willingness to open my heart in any moment, the strength of my broken heart revealed.  Softness and compassion reveaeled itself, as did happiness and  joy.

Buddhists have a word for this; ‘Nyingje’ which means wisdom of the heart.

It takes courage to be in the world with an open heart. Courage to be present, courage to be vulnerable and to dive deep into yourself.

Accepting the moment as it is, without any change.