• Guidance at loss and mourning



Writing is a process of ordering your thoughts and getting a clear mind.

Your head will be emptied of all stories and of all bullshit.

By writing you can heal yourself, even if you write nonsense.


Your body tells you always and every moment how you are doing.

It wants to be felt, without a story, without any comment. There lies the liberation in accepting the moment, that’s the key.


Meditation is remaining and accepting the moment as it is.

It takes courage to accept what is, but that’s what heals

(Weekly meditation classes)

The power of writing, bodywork and meditation

My own path started from an unsafe childhood

and a youth addiction.

Through Buddhism I got in touch with meditation,

which is still part of my daily life.

Through my training at Centrum Zijnsorientatie (Centre of Orientation on Being), I discovered the power of bodywork and the deep wisdom of the body.

At the School of Humanities where I followed Loss and Grief Guidance, I discovered the healing effects of writing.

Practical information


Private session  65 euro for one hour

Skype sesion 50 euro for one hour

Walking session 70 euro  for one hour and a half

Other rates apply to people with low income

Business rates on request

All prices including taxes, excluding any travel expenses

I can guide you at my place or at yours.

We can skype, or we can go for a walk.

We can talk, we can be quiet or we can practice.

All is well.