• anna-boender-verlies-begeleiding-voorburg

Guidance at loss and grief

Lovingly dealing with loss

Losing your child. I know what it is like.

Support at life changing events

Still a beautiful life is possible

Your child has died.

Shock, disbelief,  chaos, and terrible loneliness.

Family, friends, all the others. No one will really understand what you’re going through.

And what about you, who are you deep down?  It feels like starting your life all over again.

You’ll realize your life will never be the same again.

Despair, endlessness, anger, madness, deep sorrow and pain

I know what you’re going through, i ‘ve been there

Let me guide you at this great loss. You don’t have to do this alone.

Know that i am there for you, also with other great life changing events like divorce, sickness or an accident.

You are very welcome.


I feel so grateful you guided me during my process of grief.

With you I could talk and cry. You were there for me. Because of you I became who I am now. You gave me the courage to go on. You taught me to deal with my pain. Your words and wisdom made me feel better. I am so glad to hear you’re going to help other mothers who experienced what I experienced.

Elsje A.